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Position nameSalaryWorking placeSubordinate sectorRelease date
Account ManagerNegotiableShanghai, WenzhouMarketing Department2017-07-13 14:49:04

Post responsibility:

1, responsible for active power filter, energy management system and other map work;

2, develop agents, looking for partners;


1, female, 20~35 years old, college degree or above, electrical automation / power system / relay protection and other related professional;

2, the image of good temperament, with good affinity, cheerful character, good communication skills;

3. Design institute experience is preferred.

Single board software engineerNegotiableShanghai, WenzhouTechnology Department2017-07-13 14:48:16

Post responsibility:

Programming the DSP board

Job requirements:

1. master the basic knowledge of electrical engineering discipline

2. familiar with TI C2000 series DSP

3. rigorous thinking, ability to analyze and solve problems independently

4. experience in control software development of UPS inverter products

Sales DirectorNegotiableWhole countryMarketing Department2017-07-13 14:47:35

Post responsibility:

Responsible for the national development of the assigned industry, including project management, business development and customer development

Job requirements:

1. rich experience in pre-sales or sales

2. deep understanding of target industry

3. good logical ability, analytical and inductive ability

4. strong communication and coordination skills

5. having more than one year working experience in low voltage electrical or a specific industry

PCB Design EngineerNegotiableShanghai, WenzhouTechnology Department2017-07-13 14:46:45

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, majored in electronic technology or communication engineering

2. Have the ability to understand the common circuit, EMI/EMC/ESD experience, can build packaging library priority;

3, proficient in PCB design, with 4 Layout experience, understand the process, SMT process;

4. Experience in power supply industry is preferred, Mentor is preferred

Post responsibility:

1. independent responsible for PCB design (main static var generator / active filter / non car charger / photovoltaic inverter / battery formation and detection and other power products and high speed signal monitoring products PCB design);

2. responsible for part component library design;

3. independently responsible for the preparation of complete PCB processing and PCBA processing documents;

4. independently solve the problems encountered in PCB machining and PCBA processing.

Hardware EngineerNegotiableShanghai, WenzhouTechnology Department2017-07-13 14:45:57

Post responsibility:

1. the design of new products, the inspection of schematic diagram, the adjustment and optimization of single board, the assembly and debugging of products

2. maintenance and optimization of original products, failure analysis and optimization of products sold on the market

3. user manual preparation and production guidance document preparation and archiving work

Job requirements:

1, independent thinking and working ability, hands-on ability, patience, methodical, certain writing skills;

2, engaged in UPS, inverter or inverter hardware design optimization;

sales managerNegotiableShanghai, WenzhouSales Department2017-07-12 17:43:36

Post responsibility:

1. in the market to promote and sell the company's product line products, to complete the company's sales tasks;

2, in charge of power quality, such as reactive power compensation and active filter products, electric vehicle charging pile, battery testing equipment, photovoltaic energy storage and other new energy products in the region sales work;

3, in-depth understanding of the regional market situation, mining new project information, follow up, contract signing, implementation of delivery;

4, develop agents, find partners, maintain channel customers, participate in the development of regional development plan, organize market activities, improve the company's brand share in the region;

5, the company assigned other related tasks.

6. able to complete other promotional nature or market research tasks assigned by the company

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, preferably in electrical, power and electronic engineering;

2, familiar with the regional market, has more than 1 years of low-voltage electrical and related products (such as UPS, instrumentation, reactive power compensation, power set, active filter, SVG, APF, etc.) direct sales project successful operation experience;

3, in the industry has a certain customer resources and accumulation priority.

Working location: Shanghai, Wenzhou

Embedded Software EngineerNegotiableShanghai, WenzhouTechnology Department2017-07-13 14:43:56

Post responsibility:

1, responsible for product software development, to provide users with high-performance, reliable and easy to use products

2. Participate in the communication of product requirements, and make software technical proposal according to requirement documents

3. Participate in dealing with market related problems

Job requirements:

1. Familiar with C/C++ and mainstream MCU (STM32, ARM9, A8, etc.) embedded platform development

2 、 familiar with Linux and other embedded operating system, master the commonly used debugging tools and optimization methods

3. Familiar with CAN, RS485, RS232, SPI and other bus, and have experience in using

4. Good coding style, good communication and team work ability, logical thinking, able to work under pressure

5, familiar with QT, multithreading technology, Linux network programming